Bouquets of sharpened colored pencils…

I love shopping the back to school sales. Not that I have children headed back to 231011361_4a4a257a60school, but I need new supplies for my home office.  Like colored pencils!  My old ones are getting short from all the sharpening. You see, I like to mark my bible as I study it.  I draw circles, underline and box in words that tell me what the passage is about, who is mentioned, where the events are happening and some of the repeated words. Look at the passage from  1 John 4 below.  What word is used 13 times?IMG_5613 Having it marked with a heart, really makes the word stand out and help me to understand the key message in the passage. I encourage you to buy a new box of colored pencils and beginning studying your bible by marking in your own colorful way- WHO is mentioned (proper nouns and pronouns) WHERE they are (geographic locations) WHEN events happened (any time reference) WHAT happened WHY it happened (look for the phrase “so that”) HOW it happened Then make a list of all you learned.  You will be amazed by how much better you understand and remember what you have read.


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