Is Spiritual Meditation the same as Biblical Meditation??

Are you confused about meditation? As I read about spiritual meditation I notice the use of the terms God and Holy Spirit in a way that sounds good and maybe even godly.   One article works the reader through a series of steps from centering self to focusing on "God" and the spirit within, to repeating a phrase, to... Continue Reading →


God’s Giving Strategy

Did you notice in my last post that each of the gift giving personalities or strategies were more about the one giving the gift then the recipient?  If I procrastinate, it is because I am not sure what to buy.  If I am a planner, it is because buying early helps me…etc... What about the... Continue Reading →

Gifting Personality

What is your gift giving personality?  I never thought about that before, until I read an article, recently.  It seems researchers have identified 5 gift giving personalities.   1. Procrastinators.  People  who puts off shopping until the last minute, because they are worried buying the wrong gift. 2. Planners.  People who shops all year long... Continue Reading →

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