Inside Scoop: Thoughts of a new fitness teacher

You can’t fake fitness.apprentice postcard front

This summer, I  worked hard to learn the routine. Sometimes I would practice it five or six times a week. Then I got side-tracked…skip a day…two…a few more. I quickly realized my fitness fades…if I don’t keep up with my own daily fitness routine I can’t lead others. I can’t fake fitness. If I am not prepared I cannot do the movements correctly or have the staying power to get through the entire class.

This made me realize that I can’t fake spiritual fitness either. If I don’t maintain a daily spiritual fitness routine, I will soon be going through the motions, but lacking the spiritual strength to live correctly and fail to have the staying power to live a godly life.

New is suspect; old is comfortable

To introduce a new way of exercising I had to repeatedly offer explanations about the method, benefits and techniques used. Some women were eager to try it. Others were not so sure, as they were already doing this or that exercise routine and didn’t want to try something new. But yet on the other hand, they would be sharing about the aches and pains they were experiencing.

“I have always done it that way.”  Being comfortable in a routine is not a good enough  reason alone to NOT change your ways. I was content with my personal bible study routine, until I learned inductive bible study method. It changed the way I read, studied and applied God’s word to my life. It changed my life.

Word of mouth is the best 

After a summer of apprentice teaching with a small group  of friends, I was ready to open the classes to more women. Promoting the fall classes in the bulletin, Facebook or by email brought in a few interested women to check it out. But when someone from my initial group shared with a friend, the benefits of the class and invited her come, the class grew with committed members.

Jesus never said “post an announcemnt for discipleship.”  When Jesus said to “make disciples” he meant to us to share our faith with people as we lived our lives, teaching them to exercise their faith as they meet together, study His word and share with others.

Teacher & Encourager

To get the full benefits of the workout, I need to teach my students to do the techniques correctly.  As they follow my movements, I give cues that will hopefully help them to correctly complete the movements. I realized as I am asking them to stretch their arms out further and bend deeper in the plies, I need to encourage them each step of the way. It helps the women to not only getting through a class but also to push themselves to keep going and seeing the benefis of the exercises for themselves.

Life is hard. Few of us will stay strong spiritually if we try to go it alone. Just like with exercises, we live better with encouragment from other Christians.

But encourage one another day after day, as long as it is still called “Today,” so that none of you will be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin. Hebrews 3:13


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