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Hey, What is Your Name?

What is your name...again?  I am so sorry... I am terrible with names. I often ask people I meet what their name is, but I seldom remember their name...maybe their face or some other random fact (like the clothes they are wearing, where I met them), but not usually their name. “A person’s name is to… Continue reading Hey, What is Your Name?


Flowers will Fade…

July was so dry, that the grass and flower beds looked like they were done for the season. Now, the recent rains have really greened up the grass. But the flower beds are still pretty much done, except for a few reblooming daylilies. The fading of the flower beds, reminds me that fall is coming.… Continue reading Flowers will Fade…

Holding on to Joy, relationships

Got Lemons?? Choose Joy

When life gives lemons... What can you do when life gives you lemons?                                        Sour lemons like...illness, job loss, broken relationships, natural disasters, the list could go on and on.                … Continue reading Got Lemons?? Choose Joy