When you want to crawl in bed and stay…

When trouble comes, our first response might to stay in bed, cover our head, and shut out the world...or is it just me? I would like to offer four tips that can help when you find wishing your problems away does not work... Look up. Cry out to God. Read, reread the bible, let the … Continue reading When you want to crawl in bed and stay…


7 Way to Help During Times of Crisis

"I don't have time for a crisis my schedule is already full this week." I think we can all agree, we don't want a crisis to disrupt our dream of the perfect life. But they come anyway in the form of health issues, relationships break-ups, job and financial setbacks, etc... I have read crisis can be defined … Continue reading 7 Way to Help During Times of Crisis

Missing the Mark

I sin. I act in ways that hurt others, I sometimes say mean and hurtful things. When I speak and act this way I am sinning against those people...right?? David committed adultery with Bathsheba, to cover it up he ordered Uriah, her husband killed. He married Bathsheba and thought all is well. David didn’t acknowledge … Continue reading Missing the Mark