PETRA: Safe in the Wilderness?

The Israel tour Terry and I went on offered a three day Petra Extension.  We didn't know much (if anything) about Petra, but decided if we were going this far, we just as well see all we could.  So we signed up for Petra. It took all day to travel by bus from Jerusalem down… Continue reading PETRA: Safe in the Wilderness?

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WILDERNESS OF ZIN: Where’s the water?

As we stood looking out over the desert below, there was nothing but dirt and sand for miles (or so it seemed).  I could just picture the thousands of Israelites.  They had left Egypt  3 years earlier.  They had rejected God's plan for them to enter the land of Canaan.  And now they were thirsty… Continue reading WILDERNESS OF ZIN: Where’s the water?

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CAESAREA: Who am I to stand in God’s Way?

It was a beautiful sunny day.  We enjoyed a delicious lunch along the Mediterranean coast.  I could see why anyone would like to live here. In 22 BC, Herod the Great decided this would be a good place for his summer palace.  In fact, he built a major Roman city that included a harbor able… Continue reading CAESAREA: Who am I to stand in God’s Way?