Infiltrating your Community with the Gospel

“We need to reach out into our community.”  Ok…lets get a big group together and do a service project. After all, we could volunteer for a couple of hours then go home…get back to our regular routines. There is no doubt a service project can do good for your community and the people you serve. … Continue reading Infiltrating your Community with the Gospel


Ministry of Listening

He who has ears to hear, let him hear.  - Jesus Closing the door behind them. Whew! Hospitality extended to new neighbors. Check.√ The kids and dog did not tear up the house. Check. √√ They enjoyed our favorite meal. Check.√√√ Listen to and learned about our new neighbors... Wait. I don’t remember much about them…their … Continue reading Ministry of Listening

Welcome Starts in the Heart

What does Paul mean when he writes to the church in Rome to “welcome” one another? gives the definition: to greet hospitably and with courtesy or cordiality. By that definition it would seem that all Paul wanted was for the church members to greet each other and be pleasant. But as we read the … Continue reading Welcome Starts in the Heart