Holding on to Joy, relationships

Got Lemons?? Choose Joy

When life gives lemons... What can you do when life gives you lemons?                                        Sour lemons like...illness, job loss, broken relationships, natural disasters, the list could go on and on.                … Continue reading Got Lemons?? Choose Joy

Holding on to Joy, home

Even in Trials…do what is right

Peter wrote a letter to Christians who were suffering various trials. He encouraged them to keep on rejoicing ( Holding on to Joy During Difficult Times ) and reminded them of the purpose of their calling (Joy is Living out the Purpose of Your Calling). Also he told them the importance of doing what is right. Doing what is… Continue reading Even in Trials…do what is right

Holding on to Joy, home

Joy is Fulfilling Your Purpose

...it might not be what you think! Last weekend, I led a breakout session at a women's weekend conference. The first point from my session  is available here: Holding on to Joy During Difficult Times. In this post I am sharing the second point of that session. We often equate our purpose with a calling to… Continue reading Joy is Fulfilling Your Purpose