Five things I learned about God from Revelation

My friend had been asking if we could study the book of Revelation for years…IMG_1651I finally said yes. Now, of course, I love studying this book and am amazed at how much I am learning (Although I usually say that with every new study).

After months of studying, we are only half way through our four part study, but I would like to share 5 things I have learned about God so far.

1. God wants His people to know what is coming.

God gave this revelation to show His bond-servants what must soon take place (Revelation 1:1). Not only does He want us to know what will take place, He promises us a blessing for reading, hearing and heeding the words of this prophecy (Revelation 1:3). This has been God’s pattern from creation (Genesis 2:16-17), God want’s His people to know (Amos 3:7) and be blessed by His word (Psalm 1).

We may not understand how “soon” things will take place, but it is important to realize God wants us to know what is coming. 

2. God’s lack of action should be seen not as a lack of care, but an issue of timing.

The souls of those who have been slain for their faith (Revelation 6:9), ask God how long before He would judge and avenge their blood. These martyrs are told to rest and wait for more to killed as they had been. God’s lack of action was because it was not time yet. He would avenge them and pronounce judgment in His timing (Revelation 18:20).

God may seem to be silence to our requests, but keeping us waiting could be apart of His bigger plan for our lives.

3. God’s purposes will be executed; His words will be fulfilled

The Babylon John saw was great and powerful. It reigned over the kings of the earth. Merchants who came there to trade become wealthy (Revelation 18:15). But it also contained the blood of the saints, witnesses of Jesus, and prophets (Revelation 17:6; 18:24) and was filled with immorality (Revelation 17:4). God proclaimed it “fallen, fallen” and the hour of His judgment has come (Revelation 14:7-8). God works in the hearts of kings and the beast to bring about His will (Revelation 17:17).

News headlines are full of bombings, shootings, lies, and deceit. Yet the reality is, God is still in control working to bring about His will in our lives today.

4. God remembers

The great and powerful Babylon’s sins are piled up as high as heaven. Glorifying herself, she lived sensuously and saw herself as a Queen that would never mourn. God remembers her iniquities and pays her back double according to all her deeds (Revelation 18:5-7).

            When by faith, we confess our sins and turn from them, we receive forgiveness and the joy of having God remember our sins no more (Hebrews 10:17-18).

5. God who judges is strong

Babylon and the beast had been getting their way. They had authority over all the world and conquering even God’s people (Revelation 13:7; 17:6). Maybe they thought God was weak or that they were too powerful. But no, He is strong and powerful and will to bring about the punishment that is deserved (Jeremiah 50:34).

When evil seems to be winning, don’t question God’s power to act or willingness to judge evil, but remember to find your strength in the Lord and in His power. (Ephesians 6:10).