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Finding satisfaction when life seems unsatisfying

The year was 1981…Life seemed so ideal.img_1183 Soon though  that ideal picture would begin to fade and a real but often more unsatisifactory picture would become a reality. I wish I could tell my “younger” self how find satisfaction in life when life seems so unsatisfactory

1. Thank God For what you have

–Thank God that your job

–Thank God for the relationships you have as imperfect as they are. Be glad /thankful you aren’t going through life on your own.

2. View your job as God’s provision

— To supply your basic necessities

–Allowing you to serve Him and do His will at work, in your community and around the world

3. Realize You were not created find satisfaction in your job, family, or friends but in God alone.

–It is through faith in Jesus that we find our greatest only true satisfaction- purpose and peace as we look to him in love, to worship and serve.

–It is there that our unsatisfactory life becomes completely satisfying.


1 thought on “Finding satisfaction when life seems unsatisfying”

  1. I thank God for my relationship with Him. I have found, in my life anyway, satisfaction is an attitude. I can chose when I get up in the morning how I am going to look at my day, it’s going to be good or not. Our (Richard’s and mine) time in life is not the best, but then maybe it is the best, it is all how you choose to see it. Thanks for your posts they always make me think.

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