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What is Next on Your List?

Lists…this is the time of year for lists.

Wish lists…Children writing Christmas lists can often be fun and imagesenlightening. My adult children live in different states, but they still exchange Christmas presents with my help. I draw the names and text each child the person they are to buy for. Then they text/email me their wish lists and I forward it on to the person who has their name.

To-do lists…One way I survive the busyness of the Christmas season is to make to-do lists…for shopping…cleaning…baking, making and wrapping. I have found I accomplish more when I make the lists, because I want get all the items checked off.

As I was completing the next item on my to-do list, I began thinking about Jesus. If He had made a to-do list during His life on earth what would He have had on it?

It might have looked like this…

  1. Glorify the Father; accomplish the work which He had given Me to do (John 17:4)
  2. Make known God’s name and His word to those He has given Me. (John 17:6-8)
  3. Watch over/guard the people God’s has given Me (John 17:12)

Excuse me, while I rewrite my to-do list…


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