After all, It should be personal

I am convinced that women want to study the bible and be a part of a bible study group.  They love the community that comes from being a part of the group and they knowMH900365708 they need to study the bible more.  But with their busy lives they hesitant to commit to a ten week study (or even a 6 or 8 week study).  So what is a bible study leader to do?

My answer was to write a series of topical stand alone studies.  I let the women know that they were welcome to come to some or all of the studies and that copies of the studies would be available free at the church.

The result was a wonderful time of fellowship and discipleship, as we met twice a month during a two year period.  Although the women were free to come and go with no commitment, they came and stay and we enjoyed the time together so much.  I have since moved away and must say I miss those ladies and our time together.

I have posted several studies from this series “Personal & Relevant” under More Resources.  Please download them for your personal use and to do with others.

To God be the glory!


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