Hey, What is Your Name?

What is your name...again?  I am so sorry... I am terrible with names. I often ask people I meet what their name is, but I seldom remember their name...maybe their face or some other random fact (like the clothes they are wearing, where I met them), but not usually their name. “A person’s name is to …

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Ministry of Listening

He who has ears to hear, let him hear.  - Jesus Closing the door behind them. Whew! Hospitality extended to new neighbors. Check.√ The kids and dog did not tear up the house. Check. √√ They enjoyed our favorite meal. Check.√√√ Listen to and learned about our new neighbors... Wait. I don’t remember much about them…their …

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Welcome as Christ has Welcomed Us

In Welcome Starts in the Heart  we looked at what Paul said about how we are to welcome another…with strong, surrendered, servant and scripture-filled hearts. In this post we will look at how Christ has welcomed us. STRONG HEART Remember the question in the previous post about the OBLIGATION we have to bear the failings of the …

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