Family Stories

Stories that shape our lives

Do you have some family stories that have been past down through the years?  photo-85
Have these stories made a impact on how you live?  Have they shaped your life?

Maybe like me you have heard stories of a grandfather who lived “the pioneer life in the unoccupied plains” as a child.  The struggles of homesteading in eastern Colorado–the hard work needed to survive, the severe weather conditions and the kindness of neighbors to help.

photo 1-27

Or maybe it was stories of your grandmother’s childhood on a farm in eastern Kansas, her “Eden“.  The fun of baby kittens, the joys of family life and the challenge of living in town to go to school and only going home on the weekends.

In my later years my Grandmother shared many stories, when we visited her and through her letters, both about her and my grandfather’s early years.

But she also shared verses that were meaningful to her, as well as, stories of her struggles and her faith.

“Want to know joy?  Give your affliction to God.  He has everything planned just right.”

As I read through her old letters and think back through the stories, my grandmother was doing just as God commanded, pasting on the legacy of faith to the next generation.

One generation shall priase Your works to another,

And shall declare Your mightly acts.

Psalms 145:4




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