What are your summer plans?

I think one reason we all love summer, it is a time when we change our routines.

We go on adventures to distance lands…DSC00849

We stay at home and enjoy time with our families…IMG_0827

What about your summer plans with God?  Is summer a time you grow closer to the Lord or drift away as your bible class is over and the busyness of summer takes over?

My plan this summer is to study through the psalms…not just “read” them, but study them.  I have never been a big poetry reader, I like things short and to the point.  But this summer I am going to learn about Hebrew poetry, look up the words and phrase I don’t really understand and I am going to use the psalms as a basis for writing my own “psalms” prayers to God.

Why don’t you join me and make this a summer of psalms to the Lord?

At least, check in with me occassionally, as I post what I have learned.


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