Am I Anemic?

After a trip several weeks ago, I miss placed the pill box that had my daily vitamin and calcium tablets in it.  Out of sight out of mind…I soon forgot about the box and pills.  Every once in awhile I would get that nagging feeling that I should look for the box or at least find my pill bottles.  But, of course I quickly brushed aside my concern as I moved on to the next “pressing” problem.

Although I see no immediate health change, for my lack of a daily dose, I am sure the doctor will say my ignoring to take the pills will have a long-range effect on my physical health.

In reality the same can be said for our spiritual health.  If we don’t take time to daily get spiritual nourishment from time with the God, in His word and prayer, we may not see a difference in the short term but over the long term our “spiritual deficiency”  will take a toll on our lives and  relationships.

The truth is we are either growing stronger in our faith and walk with God or are becoming anemic.


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