Thoughts about reading the bible…

Have you ever closed the bible after reading it and thought I can’t remember what I just read?  Then guiltily think why do I bother?

We may expect any reading of the bible to bring amazing insights and change in our lives.  When that does not happen, we often quit reading the bible without considering why.

Could our trouble be we aren’t reading the bible with the right purpose?

When I read a book for enjoyment, I read hurriedly through some of the details to get to the exciting part. If I read the bible this way, I would be disappointed because there is not always an exciting plot line.

When I read a book for knowledge, I search for facts and information, usually for a class, where the grade is more important then the knowledge and the facts are soon forgotten. If I read the bible searching only for facts, seeking only knowledge, I may impress my Sunday School teacher, but unless I win a bible trivia prize, that knowledge will probably not last a lasting affect on my life.

When I read a book to understand it, I tend to read it slowly and reread, until I get the point.  I will underline key points and make lists of the steps mentioned.  I have even made an outline of a book, when I wanted to remember the content for later. If I read the bible to understand why it was written, to understand God, I will read and reread seeking, with the help of the Spirit, to learn all God has to say through it. I may find this to be difficult, drawn out, but also quite rewarding.


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