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Welcome as Christ has Welcomed Us

In Welcome Starts in the Heart  we looked at what Paul said about how we are to welcome another…with strong, surrendered, servant and scripture-filled hearts. In this post we will look at how Christ has welcomed us. STRONG HEART Remember the question in the previous post about the OBLIGATION we have to bear the failings of the…… Continue reading Welcome as Christ has Welcomed Us

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Welcome Starts in the Heart

What does Paul mean when he writes to the church in Rome to “welcome” one another? Merriam-webster.com gives the definition: to greet hospitably and with courtesy or cordiality. By that definition it would seem that all Paul wanted was for the church members to greet each other and be pleasant. But as we read the…… Continue reading Welcome Starts in the Heart

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The Art of Noticing

Who ever thought “noticing” was an art?  I did not, until I started researching the subject for an upcoming women’s event at church. I was surprised by the number of books and articles written about the importance of noticing. There is even a Harvard summer school class on the “Art of Noticing”. This post will consider…… Continue reading The Art of Noticing

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God’s Blueprint for FORGIVENESS…

The third in a series ( Blueprint for a Perfect Relationship and God’s Blueprint for Relationships: Love) Remember that apology your Mom forced you and your siblings to give each other after yet another childhood fight…one that was grudging given and half-heartedly accepted? On a good day you would go back to playing together. On a bad…… Continue reading God’s Blueprint for FORGIVENESS…