What is your DSP?

What is your Daily Spiritual Practice? A quick read through a 5 - minute devotion? Hurriedly read through the chapters in the "bible in a year" plan? Answer questions in your bible study book, with the mindset of getting through more than getting a spiritual understanding out of it? That third one can really trip me... Continue Reading →


Times of Refreshing

As a child I loved the refreshing taste of a frozen popsicle on a hot summer day. The cold sticky juice running down on to my hand and arm, because I could not eat the frozen sweetness fast enough...a refreshing way to cool off! Now, I understand that I can never really be refreshed until I... Continue Reading →

Three Steps to Living Securely

...in a world of uncertainty. Crisis. Seems like everyday we are faced with a new crisis or uncertainty. Tossing and turning, sleep eludes me, as I get caught up stewing about events I can't control. So what is the answer? Do I shut off the news reports?  I know I want to “bury my head in the sand” and keep to... Continue Reading →

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